Our trainers are  focused on you are your goals.  We use lots of variety to help you achieve your goals and avoid boredom!  We offer personal and small group training, so if there's someone you're dying to work out with, we've got options for you! 

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Who She Is: Cycle, Strength, and Kickboxing Instructor and Personal Trainer


What She’s All About: Originally from Vermont, Bethany’s been calling Charlotte home for the last 13 years. She’s Charlotte famous as DJ Little Betty and has a special love for people that is evident in everything she does. She takes special consideration in crafting her playlists to motivate and energize her classes. This lady loves working with clients to improve lives physically, mentally, and emotionally through impactful workouts and positive vibes.


What She Loves Outside of the Studio: Music, Travel, Mountain Biking, Friends, and Tacos

Who She Is: Cycle, Barre, Strength, and Kickboxing Instructor and Personal Trainer


What She’s All About: Lyn has been in the fitness industry for over 20 years. She’s been a competitive martial artist, a dancer, and a coach. She believes the keys to success in making health and fitness a permanent part of your lifestyle are a positive mindset, the right kind of self-talk, and creating habits that stick. Lyn brings fun into her classes and training sessions and is particularly passionate about working with people who have lofty goals.

What She Loves Outside of the Studio: Family, Friends, Music, and Dancing

Who He Is: Strength Instructor and Personal Trainer

What He’s All About: Josh is a lifelong athlete who started wrestling at the age of five and has practiced and played football, soccer, kickball, hockey, and martial arts over the years. He loves working with people who are just starting out in making fitness a part of their life. Josh motivates his clients with a positive attitude and a little push!

What He Loves Outside of the Studio: Music, Dogs, Friends, and Sports

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