Spin for the Win - The Benefits of Spin Classes

Are you curious about spin classes but are a little intimidated? At First Wind, you don’t have to be! Read on to learn more about the benefits of spin classes. Read More


Rethink Your New Year's Resolution. By Karen Hill


We often spend a lot of time punishing ourselves for the things we think we haven’t done well.  Maybe it’s something we ate or didn’t eat or maybe it’s something we said or didn’t say, did or didn’t do.  Whatever it is, we’re hard on ourselves.  That mindset doesn’t often serve us though. 


Think about trying to motivate someone else.  Would you tell them everything that they’ve done wrong in order to get them to do the thing you want them to do?  Probably not.  In class, we don’t yell at you for not trying hard enough or skipping a sprint.  We applaud you and cheer you on for what you’re doing well and it helps motivate you to push harder and get that one last rep in because you've got a cheerleader on your side and you know and they know that you’ve got it. 


Now go back to the way you talk to yourself.  Have you been hard on yourself?  Is it serving you and helping you achieve your goals?  Probably not.  Time to be conscious about what’s not working.  The reason we often are not reaching our goals is not because we can’t control how many cookies we eat or that we don’t have time to work out.  It’s the way we are treating ourselves.  Instead of writing our New Year’s Resolution for 2018 in pounds or cupcakes or couch time, make a new type of resolution for 2018.  Make a resolution to celebrate yourself and all of the great things you do and the good decisions you make for yourself. 





Crowd out the punishing thoughts with motivating ones.  Think about how you would celebrate with your friend if they told you they made it to the gym four times this week.  Celebrate those wins for yourself this year and we’ll be here to celebrate them with you. 


Finding Health and Fitness After Baby: Britt's Story


Meet Britt!  This awesome mama participated in First Wind’s 12 week VIP Transformation Program that incudes personal training, group fitness classes, nutrition guidance, and more.  She had a few things to say about her experience and we wanted to share them with you!  We are so proud of Britt’s commitment to the program and all of her successes.

pic with britt_copy2

Karen: How long have you been coming to First Wind?

Britt: Just over 3 months. 

Karen: Was Fitness a part of your lifestyle prior to joining First Wind?

Britt: I was struggling with getting back into a routine post-pregnancy / baby / maternity leave.  My exercise and eating habits were completely disordered.   I tried walking / running / free weights at home, but was inconsistent, and a few other gyms, but I really was looking for some sort of "transformation" program so I could dedicate myself to getting back into shape. 

Karen: What do you like most about First Wind?

Britt: I never feel intimidated walking into the door.  Everyone has been so welcoming and encouraging.  

Karen: What do you like most about the transformation program?

Britt: The program itself is great.  Between the classes, constant access to the instructors and guidance on nutrition, you have all the tools you need to succeed.  Following through has always been the hard part for me -  and the level of support from both the instructors and the other program participants has made the difference here.  I felt like I belonged as soon as I walked into my first class.

Karen: Why was First Wind different in helping you to make lifestyle changes?  

Britt: I echo what I mentioned above about the program and instructors being great.  The program is not set up to be a quick fix - between the VIP classes, nutritional help and constant support, it really is geared at a lifestyle change.  

Additionally, the class variety has been key for me and my schedule.  When I first started and my daughter was younger, the Mommy and Me classes on Saturday morning were the best - I could work out on the weekends without giving up my time with her.  Now, I love having the lunch time express options 4x a week.  I can sneak in a workout without it completely disrupting my day. 

Karen: What's changed in your life since you've been coming to First Wind?

Britt: I have lost plenty of weight and inches, but honestly, I would consider that the smallest change.  I am much happier about the non-physical changes.  I am more confident, my diet is way cleaner, and here's a big one - I have only had one caffeinated beverage in the last three months.  My husband and I now cook dinner together most nights rather than getting take out at the last minute.  I am getting back into running (this time with a jogging stroller) and I look forward to it rather than dreading it.  I feel like I am a better role model for my daughter now, which is super important to me.  

Karen: Do you think you'll be able to maintain the lifestyle changes you've made? 

Britt: The first part of August ended up being a great test of whether this has been a lifestyle change.  Between a sick infant, several very late work nights and travel, I was stressed, tired and completely off schedule.  Instead of falling back into my old habits, I focused on what I could control -  eating mindfully, avoiding caffeine, drinking water and sneaking in exercise where I could.  I definitely feel like I have made maintainable lifestyle changes.

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