Come in and check out all of our classes!  Every one is designed to accommodate all fitness levels.  We are here to coach you and help you do your absolute best each and every day no matter where you are starting or where you are going.  Our instructors will help you understand modifications to the workouts to kick things up a notch or to accommodate any special needs.  We invite you to come sweat with us, feel good, and have some fun!



Ride Strong is a high intensity class that focuses on all of the different elements of an effective fitness program to help you achieve your highest level of fitness.  The class utilizes sprints, climbs, and intervals on the bike paired with various focused strength training techniques off the bike.  Classes are fast-paced and focus on Aerobic Endurance, Anaerobic/Aerobic Threshold, Muscular Endurance, and Muscular Strength/Power.  Each class delivers a top tier workout no matter your focus, but paired together, attending classes each day throughout the week will round out your fitness regimen and have you feeling your best in every way.

Bring your tennis shoes. In this class, you will not use cycling shoes.



Aerobic endurance classes will strengthen your ability to exercise more efficiently for longer periods of time (think marathons, triathlons, and long cycling classes).  They can strengthen the heart and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Need more?  These classes will improve your circulation and aerobic endurance workouts have been shown to lower stress hormones.    


Anaerobic, aerobic threshold classes promote higher EPOC (excess post-exercise Oxygen consumption) than other workouts, which means you'll have a higher calorie burn after class is over.  You'll also benefit from a higher metabolic benefit during recovery.  These classes will help you to increase performance levels during your aerobic training days.    



Muscular Endurance classes improve your strength and ability to perform activities requiring strength for longer periods of time.  Through full range of motion exercises, your strength is improved through every joint angle.  Muscular endurance training can be performed every day and will help you feel stronger and perform weight bearing activities at a higher level (even day-to-day ones like carrying the groceries).



Muscular strength/power classes will help you build muscle mass and increase muscle definition.  These classes will create visible changes in your body that last longer than those from endurance training alone.  Muscular strength/power training will also improve your metabolic rate and bone density.  In short, these classes enhance everything you're doing in other classes.