New You for the New Year
Small Group Weight Loss Training

January 17- April 6, 2017


If you're trying to lose weight and you need a little bit more than a class schedule, join Lyn for this exciting Small Group Weight Loss Program. 

We're focusing on helping you to create a lifestyle that supports a healthy weight by making small changes over a 12 week period that are attainable and sustainable.  There is no extreme dieting or cutting out food groups.  This program is about finding a balance between treats and nutrition and fitting exercise into a daily routine. 

Surround yourself with a small group intent on achieving the same goals and an experienced fitness and health coach.  Let us help you find success!
ONE training session per week:   
$360/12 weeks  ($30/session) BUY NOW   

TWO training sessions per week:  
$600/12 weeks  ($25/session) BUY NOW   

Both options include ONE larger group class on our regular schedule per week and all features listed in Program Details!
Monday and Wednesday at 7:30AM
Monday and Thursday at 6:45PM

Please call the studio at 980-207-0885 or email for more information.


Small Group Training  

First Wind Cycling & Fitness Head Trainer Lyn Addy will lead you through fun and challenging workouts with a small group of 3 - 8 people who will be there to encourage, support, and hold each other accountable.  Workouts will be structured so that everyone is challenged at their own fitness level.  You will get strength, cardio, and flexibility training in every session. 

Larger Group Classes: Cycling, Barre, and Strength
Participants will take their choice of one of our regularly scheduled larger group classes once each week as part of this program.  You can choose any class on the First Wind schedule on any day at any time!

Do-at-Home Workouts  
Each week, you'll be given a handout and access to an online video that demonstrates a workout easily done at home with little to no equipment.  These do-at-home workouts will supplement what you're doing at the studio.  
Nutrition Tracking and Guidance  
Starting day one, Lyn will set nutrition guidelines for everyone.  Each week, you'll be responsible for tracking what you eat.  Those journals will be turned in to Lyn when you come for training and she'll review what you've got going on and help you understand how you're doing.  She'll also make suggestions to help you create healthy habits.       

Group Support  
At the end of each training session, there will be a group chat.  Lyn will lead a short discussion on creating success and you'll have the opportunity to share tips and lend support with the other members of your group.  You'll also have a private Facebook group so you're never stranded!  Lyn will use this to communicate with you even when you're not at the studio and share recipes, feedback, motivation, and more!