Personal Training at First Wind Cycling & Fitness

Summer Fitness and Nutrition Challenge
Winner receives $100 First Wind credit and a Healthy Shopping Grocery Trip


Program Start Date: May 21 - Program will kick off with a Nutrition Workshop and Smoothie Demo!
Program End Date: July 16
Cost: $20 (must have a membership to participate)

We are partnering with local health coach and personal chef, Samantha Eaton of Healthy Eaton to bring you this awesome 8 week program!

The Details...
  • Participants must attend 4 or more full classes, personal training, or small group training sessions each week for at least 6 out of 8 weeks
  • You'll follow simple nutrition guidelines and use an easy point system that Samantha will track based on what you eat and your workouts
  • There will be a private Facebook group run by Samantha to motivate and keep you engaged with recipes, shopping lists, and more!
  • FREE Workshops and Phone Consultation for all participants with Samantha!
And at the End...
  • Fitness Gift Basket and fun potluck social event for everyone who completes the challenge!
  • Winner of the challenge by points will receive $100 First Wind credit AND a free healthy shopping grocery trip for themselves and up to 4 friends!

We'll be tracking the journey of three of our participants through this challenge via their Instagram accounts.  Each participant has faced multiple challenges in their not-so-distant past which has made it difficult for them to maintain a balance of healthy diet and exercise.  Their challenges range from professional to medical.  Their mission is to show you that life changes in a good way when we allow room for healthy habits!  Scroll down, meet them, and follow their Instagram accounts to see how they do!

Meet our participants!



Heather is 31 and works in the spirits industry here in Charlotte.  She has a very socially demanding job, so it's extremely important for her to be on top of her fitness and nutrition game because without that balance, all of the empty calories she consumes during her job head straight for her tummy. She loves whiskey, late night pizza, and all things chocolate, so this challenge will be in her words, “quite the battle”.  Heather lost almost 30 pounds a few years ago and feels like she has since plateaued, then yo-yo'ed, and plateaued again.  Her hope is that this challenge puts her and her health back on track by holding her accountable and keeping her motivated.

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Eric has moved for work twice in less than two years, which led to exercise taking a back seat to his everyday life.  Before life became so hectic, Eric was participating in 5k runs, mud runs, and intramural sports.  He wants to get his healthy life habits back and feel better each and every day.  Those are his goals with this 8 week challenge! 

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Growing up, Nikki never really had to worry about fitness and nutrition because she was naturally athletic and played sports year-round.  After college, she took a job in radio where bad habits were formed. Long hours, stress, free junk food and events with booze was the norm.  Next thing she knew, she had gained 40 pounds, felt tired all the time, and had zero motivation to workout.  Nikki recently landed a job with a normal schedule and wants to create a healthy lifestyle, but she needs support to break the bad habits.  Her challenge is to get into a healthy routine eating right, losing weight, gaining energy, and overall feeling better about herself.

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This year, Leah turned forty.  Growing up in the South, she had a lot of unhealthy foods around her and has had a sweet tooth for as long as she can remember.  Leah's had a lifelong battle with nutrition and exercise. Before this challenge, she drinks around five to seven cans of diet soda every day and does cardio workouts three or four times a week on her own for about thirty minutes. She loves her diet soda and wine, but wants to create healthier habits around diet and exercise especially since she has just reached the milestone age of forty!

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