Bethany McDonald

Who She Is: Cycle and Strength Instructor and Personal Trainer


What She’s All About: Originally from Vermont, Bethany’s been calling Charlotte home for the last 13 years. She’s Charlotte famous as DJ Little Betty and has a special love for people that is evident in everything she does. She takes special consideration in crafting her playlists to motivate and energize her classes. This lady loves working with clients to improve lives physically, mentally, and emotionally through impactful workouts and positive vibes.


What She Loves Outside of the Studio: Music, Travel, Mountain Biking, Friends, and Tacos

Bethany McDonald instructs the following:
  • More Than the Ride
  • Spend some time on the bike and some time off the bike. Half of this class will be on the bikes and the other half will be strength training off the bike! Our instructors break out resistance bands, weights, mats, and much more to give you a top to bottom workout with everything you need! Bring your tennis shoes!

  • See the Ride
  • Pedal, turn, and lean through a virtual course on the front screen. You'll sometimes spin off the beat of the music for this one as the course and your instructor guide your RPM.

  • VIP Transformation Program

  • Feel the Ride - The Fast Class!
  • Pedal, turn, and lean with your instructor to the beat of the music... Every song 100 RPM or more!  Live life in the fast lane!

  • Feel the Ride
  • Pedal, turn, and lean with your instructor to the beat of the music.