The Total Package

Build strength, more definition, and experience a higher metabolic rate.

You love your cardio (believe us, we get it!), but something is missing in your routine. If you're looking to build strength, more definition, and experience a higher metabolic rate, this program is for you. Lyn will lead a small group to help you reach your goals through weight training to balance out your cardio game and make your workouts more effective and longer lasting.  Each session is 45 minutes.

Beginning May 23!   
Dates and Times: Mondays 6:30PM, Tuesday 12:00PM, Wednesdays 6:30PM, Thursdays 12:00PM SIGN UP!

24 Pack ($600 @ $25/session) BUY NOW!
12 Pack ($360 @ $30/session) BUY NOW!
8 Pack ($260 @ $32.50/session) BUY NOW!
Single Session BUY NOW!


Baby and Me Fitness

Get moving and bring your little one along!

Baby and Me Fitness is for moms and their babies up to one year old. The goal of this program is to help re-stabilize and strengthen the core, while building back total body stamina. Strollers are welcome and will be utilized in classes! Most movements taught during this program will be body-weight movements based on Pilates and yoga techniques and will be accessible to all levels of fitness. Please get cleared by your doctor before beginning your postpartum exercise routine.

$10 Baby and Me Boot Camp: Sign up here!